Monday, February 14, 2011

things my authors send me: headwear edition

Receiving a package in the mail always makes my day. Receiving physical proof of a friend's labor, determination, and talent makes pretty much the best day ever.

me holding a copy of The Blood That Bonds, a novel by Christopher Buecheler

That's a 3-dimensional copy of The Blood That Bonds by Christopher Buecheler that I'm holding there, because it exists in 3 dimensions now. You may remember that this is a vampirical, romantical horror novel that I helped copy edit in the wayback. You can still download the entire book for free in a variety of formats, but if you're into books having mass, volume, and that particular papery/gluey/inky scent, you can get yourself a version with all of those qualities for $13.99 plus shipping from CreateSpace, Amazon, or direct from Christopher himself. It's really nicely printed, on thick, 6" by 9" pages, and my name is in it, so if my grandmother ever visits you you'll have a surefire way to impress her.

I also received a package recently from Adam P. Knave and Laszlo Xalieri, the contents of which were 100% more lobster themed than what Christopher sent:

me wearing a woolen lobster hat and mittens

Though, to be fair, the contents of either package make a perfectly fine hat.

me wearing a book as a hat, which I do sometimes

And hey, happy Valentine's Day, friends! I less-than-three you.

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Chris said...

I can only hope to include more lobster-themed contents the next time around!