Friday, March 13, 2009

mid-sized pimpin' (I am the honda accord of pimpin')

I have friends with talents! Gaze upon them, be amazed, and do some shit for them:

Juliana Finch writes folk-rocky songs and then plays them, sings them, and records them! You can listen to some of her music here, and if you like it, maybe you'd like to preorder her upcoming album? It would help her actually make the album happen.

Mike Ricca takes pretty photographs of people and things in San Francisco! You can look at some of his pictures here, and if you like them, maybe you'd like to go vote for him in this comptetition he's entered? It would help him go more places and take more pictures.

Adam P. Knave writes a lot of bizarre stuff! You can find lots of blog entries and lists of other stuff he's published here, and if you like his words, maybe you'd like to buy some of his books or read his webcomic Things Wrong With Me? It would help him eat more burritos.

ALSO, my friend Maria sometimes plays Halo and breastfeeds her 3-month-old at the same time. While you can't do anything in particular to support this, I do think you should be reading her blog, and if you're a mama lookin' for reviews of baby & lady products, you should check out Your Mama Reviews.

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