Wednesday, June 24, 2009

one lovely blog award & awarding

Hello, neglected blog readers! I hope you've been doing well in the HOW AND WHY DID I GO A WHOLE MONTH WITHOUT UPDATING WHEN I HAD SO MANY CRUMBLES TO SHARE WITH YOU?


I have been busy a) being crazy and b) making tree-candy into more fattening forms of dessert. Probably more of the former overall, though I recommend doing more of the latter.

Upon my glorious long-awaited eagerly foretold quiet, slinking return to the Internets, I realized that the wonderful and almost irritatingly motivated Tina of Miss(ing) Shakespeare had given me an award (my very first!) in my absence! Thank you, Tina! See how shiny?!

Maybe I should disappear for weeks on end more often?

ANYway, I'm supposed to pass on the award to 15 other new-shiny bloggers! You may cleverly notice that 15 is more than 3, but I'm all out of maths for the day, so you can take my (lack of) ability to count up with me tomorrow.

A few of my Texas friends who are entirely too productive have started blogging their culinary adventures, which are so unfortunately all in Texas and not in my belly. They're over at 28-oz. Wine Glass, and they should figure out how to fax me foods.

My ladyfriend Juliana is a singer/songwriter, and sometimes she blogs about her musical adventures and creative process over at Write, Play, Repeat.

Also, my friend Shemika is hilarious and I never see her anymore, which we should really work on changing, but she blogs her (mis)adventures in dating & etc. over at Just Shemika.

But, yes, deserving of awards, the lot of you! If I could give you all actual roses in actual teacups -- erm, I'm not sure I would because there's probably a lot of other gifts I'd think of first, but I'm sure it'd be very nice? You all have One Lovely Blog.


Adam P. Knave said...

You live! You blog! Hooray!

the grammar monkey said...

I'm not sure I'd say "live" just yet today as I haven't had any coffee, but sure, close enough. =)

Tina said...

Hehe! Someone thinks I'm motivated! Does that mean I have to live up to it?? *sigh* (Stupid, stupid blog!!)

Yay to see you back, anywho!

Mimi the Bee said...

Aww, gee, thanks, Ell Vee. I likey your lovely blog, too. I guess June was a slow month for all of us non-writery bloggery Editor (cap E, yes?) types... but, now, I'm back at it, and I see you are, too.

Maybe next month, we can work on seeing each real time?