Friday, October 30, 2009

A Fight to the Death Recording Studio

So I've got this friend George Wallace. I know him through Phil -- he was one of Phil's roommates. George is one of those maddeningly intelligent people who genuinely enjoys reading Thomas Pynchon novels and can, without particularly exerting himself, play your guitar way better than you can.

It would be more than a little tragic if George weren't in a band, but luckily for all of us, he's in A Fight to the Death, which is in fact a band. Specifically, they're an Atlanta-based band who wear classy suits and think you'll like some accordion, ukulele, banjo, keyboard, and pedal steel with your rock'n'roll. Guys, I am here to tell you that, even accounting for your individualized taste in music, A Fight to the Death is totally correct in this opinion.

Now, it's possible that I'm biased because Mark, CJ, Nathan, Daniel, and George are all awesome guys who are my friends on Facebook and sometimes even in three dimensions, or because they've occasionally used their band tab to keep me in the concert-venue lifestyle to which I have become accustomed (ie, full of whisky&cokes), or because George always says nice things about my snickerdoodles. But mostly they just rock out. Allow me to demonstrate via the use of a bullet list and several Internet hyperlinks.

Audio & video evidence of rocking out (which is important for a music band, am i rite?):
Pictorial evidence of rocking out, captured by Kevin Griggs and with quasi-interactive mouse-over captions by me:

George Wallace playing a pedal steel guitar

I told you, classy suits.

Now, If you've enjoyed these examples of rocking and are aurally hungry for more, you could purchase their current CD, and/or you could come out to one of their upcoming shows, and/or you could fund the creation of their new album in return for logical & badass thank-you gifts such as a download/physical copy of the currently hypothetical album once it's finished, behind-the-scenes footage of the recording process, previews of new songs, a cover song of your choice performed at a show, or even a private performance from the band (which sounds dirty to me but probably won't be unless you provide them with a great deal of alcohol, and maybe some fancy pasties to match their ties).

They're using as a home-base for their fundraiser, and it seems like a pretty hip site! As of right now they're only four hundred and sixty American-Earth dollars away from reaching their goal of $2,000, and they only have 11 more days to raise it! And I want to hear their new album soon, so you should really drop them a couple bucks if a couple bucks is something you've got sitting around.


Mimi the Bee said...

you put coke in your whiskey? who are you....

the grammar monkey said...

Only at shows! When it's all late and caffeine is important. Usually it's just 2 cubes of ice.

CJ said...

Monkey - you're too sweet!!!! :)

We sure do enjoy seeing you and your awkwardly-straight arm at our shows - the next whiskey's on me!

And I think we can all agree on one thing: George is awesome. Perhaps criminally insane, but awesome nonetheless.

the grammar monkey said...

I will totally accept gratitude whiskey! But mostly I'm just glad if I can help you crazy kids out. Y'know in ways that don't involve working your merch table.