Friday, November 20, 2009

thanksgiving panic planning

Thanksgiving is next week! I'm shocked, frankly, shocked. And trying to come up with something to bake.

Traditionally I've done a linzer torte, which is like a very large spiced almond cookie with raspberry jam-type filling and pain-in-the-tuchus latticework on top -- but my dear family nouveau includes a child with a nut allergy, so I figure that probably, grinding a bunch of almonds into airborne powder in their kitchen would be rude.

A couple years back I made my other favorite holiday dessert, my mother's apple cake (which I posted a pear riff on awhile back -- most of my friends dislike cooked apples). I'm bored with that, though! Hello, my name is Lauren and I am Short Attention Span Theater.

This pear-butterscotch pie, which The Kitchn kindly pointed me towards, is a serious contender. The only Thing about it is that I hate pastry crust. Hate. Seriously. Don't tell me it's not that hard. The salt in my pie crusts comes from my tears of suffering and humiliation. Yes, even the storebought kind. Hate. Pastrycrust.

This is also the Thing about this s'mores pie, which also sounds wondermous.

Perhaps I shall grow some lady-balls and make one of these happen.

Unless you have any better, non-pastry-crust-related suggestions?


the grammar monkey said...

Some ideas from the facebooks:

TheLadysRevenge said...

I was just thinking about how I'd really like some sweet potato pie. You should make some of that and teleport it to me.

Or if the pears are as good on your side of the country as they are on mine right now, I say definitely go for pear something. The pear & blackberry pie I worked up the other day was super delicious.

I was trying to think of other suggestions for you but my brain is apparently baked out right now. As in I've been making too much pie lately and can't really think about more baked goods. Not, um, meaning anything else.

the grammar monkey said...

You should post that recipe that you finally worked out for the marzipan pie!