Tuesday, December 29, 2009

just this once i will help you be cleaner rather than messier/dirtier

Upon braving the mall yesterday to purchase a replacement cell phone charger (having left mine in upstate New York with my aunt & uncle), I realized that Lush, one of my favorite silly-girly-overpriced-and-possibly-overhyped-bath-product vendors, is holding their annual post-holiday clearance sale. Despite that big long hyphenate of doubt, I do love Lush -- they make some beautifully scented products, and you can get a lot of use out of them if you're sparing about it.

But so SALE. Yes. If you don't have any Lush stores in your area, you can shop online and purchase certain gift sets buy one, get one free, and certain holiday-themed products buy one, get two free.

If you DO have a store in your area, they're probably running the same promotion that mine was -- certain gift sets (including all holiday-themed sets and any regular sets made before December) are buy one, get one free; all holiday items are buy one, get two free; and all soaps are buy one, get two free.

Lush's soaps smell awesome and usually cost 6-8 bucks a bar. If you've got a few extra dollars and need some soap, bubble bath, or other girly things, this sale is so completely worth checking out. Just go soon -- things sell out quick!

I'd personally recommend picking up a bar of Honey I Washed the Kids soap (a light, sweet honey-vanilla-orange scent) or Ice Blue soap (PEPPERMINT HELLO MORNING scented) or Figs & Leaves soap (a bit earthy and sweet, with exfoliators that're gentle enough for my rice-paper skin).

Or, if you're looking for bath enhancers that're on sale, I'd recommend a Mr. Butterball bomb (a moisturizing bath fizzie with a scent similar to Honey I Washed the Kids), a couple of Li'l Lush Pud bombs (a fizzie that smells like spicy Christmas pudding, but they're small enough that you might need two for a full bathtub), or a Holiday bubble bar (solid bubble bath, extremely girly, with a bit of glitter and a carnation-orange-rose scent -- can break in half and use for two baths).

[Notice: Lush did not approve or endorse or otherwise encourage me to write this post -- aside from how they made some pretty rad products and then put them on sale.]


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for them to push a few more manly scents. I'd really go for a pipe-tobacco-cordite-motor-oil bath bomb right about now.


the grammar monkey said...

=P They've got a few that're good for dudes. That Ice Blue soap has a hint of sexy-dude musk under the HELLO PEPPERMINT. They like putting dudely vertiver in things. But yeah, nothing tobacco/motor oil flavored. (I suppose you could make your own by buying some BPAL and adding it to unscented bubble bath.) If they ask me, I'll let them know.

Eve said...

I think Villainess soaps makes one or two that are vaguely leather-and-cigarette scented. I have a sample in my bathroom I used exactly once.

Lush sale, whoo! I will pass on word to local Lush fans and see if I've got any money in the budget to spend on things for myself.

BeautifulWreck said...

this is the second post today I have read about Lush, I must try them!

the grammar monkey said...

I've been meaning to try some Villainess stuff! Perhaps I'll start trolling them for coupons/sales/discounts.

Sale time is the best time ever to try Lush stuff.

And hey, a p.s. to my post: For soap longevity, always store bar soaps in a dry place, folks! That means probably not your shower, unless you've got a ledge where things really don't get wet.

Mommy Melee said...

I didn't see this post but DEFINITELY HAPPENE TO WALK BY LUSH and bought the gift set with hte Peppermint OMG and also three soaps, Alkmaar, the fig one, and bohemian. LUSH!!

the grammar monkey said...

Dude, also my friend Melissa introduced me to this goat/blueberry/lavender farm that makes soaps from goats' milk and the other aforementioned awesome. You probably don't need any soap right now but when you do, I'll send you some.

juliana said...

My name is Juliana, and I am a Lush Junkie.

Last year I STOCKED UP on those holiday gift sets in January, it was awesome.

Also, I absolutely encourage people to try their skin care products, too. They have saved my skin. I was thisclose to using some pretty hardcore prescription stuff on my "acne" (which I now know was not acne, but a desperate attempt for my skin to tell me something was wrong with the way I was treating it) when I found Lush cleansers and moisturizers. Now I get the occasional zit but NOTHING like it was before. Turns out my face just hated all those wacky artificial ingredients and harsh chemicals...who knew?

It's more expensive than drugstore stuff, but less expensive than the really schmancy cosmetic brands.

The moisturizers are about 20-30 bucks per tub but a little bit goes a long way (very little, like dime-sized) so it actually lasts awhile.

Love, love, love.