Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the writing process as it relates to interdimensional kittens and moneyhats

One terrific thing about knowing Adam P. Knave is that sometimes, during the course of normal conversation, perhaps after discussing ReBoot but before anyone brings up the business you're actually supposed to be talking about, some word or phrase will Happen. And it'll Happen in the way that it expands with incredible speed and mass, Universe-style, until it's a whole idea. And you'll bat this huge idea-thing back and forth with Adam like the interdimensional kittens that both of you are, and then drop it suddenly and pervasively and get down to the business at hand.

But that idea-thing will still be floating around out there, and Adam's way of reminding you of its continued existence involves contacting people who can draw, asking them if they'd like to work on a new comic book involving the idea-thing, and getting those people to say "yes". So, though a bit mystified about what's happening to your life, you'll find yourself writing and editing bits of comic book script in your spare time, and then using those bits along with Adam's to form a complete script, and then emailing the script to whatever agreeable drawing person he's found. And then, following the artist's recovery from rickets as appropriate, you'll receive mere sketches -- simple layouts -- from that artist, based on the script that you and Adam wrote, that will make you all at once (A) unspeakably excited about this project-thing, as you began to think of it while you were writing the script, and (B) unalterably certain that you're unable to say anything about to anyone yet because, really, it's still just an idea-thing, even if it has the mass and size and brain it needs to convince you it's a project-thing.

So all you can do is write obtuse and roundabout things regarding the creative process on your blog, and hope that soon, sooner than soon, the wonderful drawing person will send you & Adam whole complete pages that you'll be able to submit to a publisher who will say, "How terrific! I was just hoping that I would receive a comic book just like this! Fred, wasn't I just hoping that? Oh, don’t mind Fred, his iguana ate his neighbor's cat this morning and he's very distraught, even though the cat was a mean-spirited creature and absolutely deserved what it got, and Fred's neighbor has gone on record with the Times saying that she was going to have the cat put down tomorrow for biting her so repeatedly. Fred's just sensitive. But yes! Your comic book! Thank you for submitting it. I'm going to publish it and we shall make such fabulous amounts of money that we shall all pay off our debts and have enough cash left over to fold up and wear as hats! And so we will be loved and celebrated for not only our artistic endeavors, but also for our extremely sharp and modern moneyhats."

I'll tell you when I get that call.

While you're waiting, breath held or otherwise, you should maybe go read some comics and things by Gabe and Tycho of Penny Arcade, without whom I might not have thought to write about moneyhats.


Adam P. Knave said...

It is, honestly, why I try to make sure my business calls never start with the business at hand. You never know what brainkittens will bring you if you let yourself play more often.

You're fun to create with and I am thinking we are gonna get that call down the line.

TheLadysRevenge said...

And then you guys can get comic book famous and come to San Diego and go to comic con and... and... and.... hang out with me?

Well, I guess really you guys could just do that anyway. And should. Cause it would, um, be awesome.

In other words, yay for projects!

Adam P. Knave said...

Man I would love to go to SDCC but... money and hotel and ugh. But who knows!

Lauren V. said...

This year I'm very much going to try for SDCC! Perhaps mostly 'cause I still haven't come and hung out with you & Steve. But yes. We'll see how finances go.

Of course if SDCC ever decides that I'm comic-book famous and wants to pay my way there, I'll totally accept that. Soon! I'm waiting, SDCC!

Josh said...

Interdimentional kittens and ReBoot in the same post. Wow. Okay, I know you're my best friend and all, but I must once again reiterate that I love you.

Also, may be my soulmate. I dunno. I've never met you.

Adam P. Knave said...


...ok I may be drunk after McCool's party. Fuck.

KEVIN said...

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