Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10 things that don't suck

1. Bowls of chili eaten at taverns full of participatory young voters all watching a presidential debate, even if you still feel bad about eating meat, cheese, and um food after your 18-month stint editing for a nutrition textbook publisher.
2. Discounted shoes, especially when you've got a big business conference coming up to excuse shoe purchases.
3. DVRs, even if you don't have time to watch all the things you record.
4. Invitations to Halloween parties, even if you're conflicted about attending due to anticipated social awkwardness AND you aren't sure what you want to wear because most costumes for ladies are stupid and you're thinking for the first time ever that maybe you want to be stupid (but maybe you don't).
5. Babies falling asleep on you, even if you're not sure that you'll ever be ready to have babies of your own.
6. Crinolines, even if you go for the cheaper ones.
7. Sock Dreams, even if it makes you covet $50 socks.
8. Playing Halo against random people on X-box Live, even if they're probably 12-year-olds who will still pwn you and hump your corpse afterwards.
9. Earl Grey tea, even if you still can't escape thinking of it as tea, Earl Grey, hot.
10. Rain pattering down all morning, even if you've lost all of your umbrellas.

What are some of your favorite things?


Adam P. Knave said...

Hmmm 10 things?

1: Chilly rainy nights when you can curl up in bed and read.
2: Comics
3: Telling stories
4: Bacon. I mean ... hello? Bacon.
5: Taking a break from life to stop and snuggle a cat.
6: Beer.
7: Realizing that your life is awesome and that you are doing the things you want to do.
8: Lists!
9: Making huge plans for great things, just to pass the time.
10: Naps.

the grammar monkey said...

Ten is only a suggestion!

I completely agree with all of these things except for naps. Naps are evil! I'm always more cranky when I wake up than I was in the first place.