Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm in San Francisco for a work convention -- hence the recent Internet silence. What's your favorite thing to do in San Francisco?

I've been once before. Overall, my favorite things include:

1) Touching everything in Kid Robot until someone asks me to either buy something or stop fondling the merchendise.
2) Crepes at Ti Couz (I recommend the scallops and the Nutella, y'know, separately).
3) Discovering that some cities have good mass transit.
4) Eating sashimi at schmancy work receptions at The Palace.
5) Arriving at the Parc 55 to discover that your comp room is a suite that overlooks half the city.
6) Friends who fly up from LA to hang out with you for the weekend.
7) Working 13-hour days I GUESS.
8) Gawking at the fog rolling in while the sun is setting from a suite that overlooks half the city.
9) Gyoza at randomly selected Japanese restaurants on Haight.
10) Anticipating a trip to Dave Eggers' pirate store/writing workshop.

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