Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the littlest zombie

Things that maybe you're not thinking about when you're trying to make a relatively healthy banana bread-based, raspberry-filled, red crab-themed birthday cake for your just-turned-one-year-old daughter to have a traditional cakeSMASH photo-op with:

  • Red food coloring is incredibly insidious for something that's water soluble. Sure it'll wash off, but first it will get everywhere.

  • Banana bread has a sort of lumpy, spongey texture. Like zombie-flick flesh.

  • Crushed raspberries have a definitely lumpy, clumpy texture. Like zombie-flick brains.

  • Giving your generally low-sugar'd child free reign to eat cake is like giving a tiny lady who doesn't drink often a pint of hunch punch: drunkenness will ensue.

  • If Lauren is the photographer, she'll think the carnage is hilarious.

From Aurora's First Birthday Party

Glad I could be part of your bash, Aurora. Happy birthday! And congratulations to your mom & dad for making it through your first year with their brains intact.

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