Thursday, August 13, 2009

proofreaders vs printer: FIGHT

Just a quick mid-breakfast heads-up to all of you lovely, clever readers who pre-ordered Stays Crunchy in Milk and/or were breathlessly awaiting the listing on Amazon:

We've unfortunately hit a snag with the printer, so we're going to be delaying the release by a couple of weeks. We're hoping to have them to you during the first week of September, but I'll post just as soon as we've got the finalized information. Thanks so much for your patience (send a little our way if you've got some to spare).

In the meanwhile, hey check out this restaurant I'm going to for a friend's birthday tonight: Abattoir! So many kinds of meat = so exciting and/or terrifying. Did you know that abattoir is the French word for slaughterhouse? Oh Atlanta restaurant scene, I love you.

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