Friday, May 7, 2010

event: A Fight to the Death CD release

Very occasionally I put down my Rock Band mic for long enough to go watch people play actual instruments. Instruments that in no way remind me of Simon. You look dubious about the wisdom inherent in this, and dudes, I know. It has to be worthwhile.

This show will be worthwhile.

Thanks largely to their roaringly successful Kickstarter campaign (small thanks, I have garnered, are also due to whisky & beer), my A Fight to the Death-shaped friends are throwing a release party for their new album, Gesture of a Gentleman, at the Star Bar on Saturday, May 15th. Adron is slated to open with a set starting at 9:00, which in bandtime means that probably they'll go on around 10:00 and AFTTD will start somewhere near 11:30.

A Fight to the Death's poster for their Gesture of a Gentleman CD release party. It's oldschool.

AFTTD is what you get when you give high-functioning geeks who like folk & jazz a slap upside the head with a Tesla coil made by gypsies. You can preview/download some of their songs if you don't believe me.

For those who've never been to Star Bar, it's a dive with lane bumpers: small, smoky, and noisy, with stiff drinks, cheap PBR tall-boys, a fairly clean ladies' room, and decent temperature control upstairs. Behold their Elvis shrine while you're waiting for the band to start, step out onto their porch downstairs for fresh air without having to put down your drink, and if their photobooth is working, make yourself a souvenir film strip to cherish/angst about later. If you're offended by paying for parking, find a spot on the street in the residential area behind the bar (I can always find one on Euclid Terrace) and walk a couple blocks.

Come say hi if you see me there!


Summer said...

I vote we make a night of it and gather at the Brewhouse prior!


the grammar monkey said...

I agree! Maybe they'll be able to serve all of us food, even.