Thursday, June 17, 2010


So I get this e-mail from a nice lady claiming to have read my review of siggi's yogurt (an unverified claim, but likely) and to be from the Associated Press (which she actually is, I checked. On Google). And she asks if I'd like to talk with her about yogurt. I like yogurt and I like talking, and that's how I came to be quoted in an AP article with a doubleplusgood pun in its title: Yogurt crosses cultures with new styles, imports.

I feel like I should provide you with some new yogurt news now as so to uphold my status as public yogurt expert, but really most of my yogurt opinions these days orbit around my finding everything from StonyField Farms awesomely inexpensive & worthwhile and everything from everywhere else shades of acceptable to inedible. My current obsession is with StonyField's Lowfat Plain yogurt. Very lowfat (2g fat, 1.5 saturated) and yet very tasty plain! No honey or other additions necessary! (Though it sure is berry season, and fresh berries are most excellent in yogurt.) I just wish that more (read: any) of my local stores carried Lowfat Plain more regularly.

Have you made any yogurt discoveries since the last time we talked about my favorite breakfast quick-breakfast-so-I-don't-eat-anyone's-face food?


Citizen D said...

If it were a matter of life and death I would be hard pressed to discuss brands of yogurt I have recently enjoyed. However, for me, the new hotness is Goat Cheese. Yes. I capitalized very specifically. Goat Fucking Cheese.
It is kind of yogurty and it is my new favorite sandwich ingredient. As someone who makes his own jellies and jams I find it beats peanut butter. Especially with some thinly sliced granny smith apples and some crushed walnuts on rye. I realize most peeps would prefer whole wheat but I am a rye bread partisan in the extreme.

It's also pretty awesome on a salad with a dried cranberries, blueberries and strawberries. I like to make a three-berry vinagrette. (Using some homemade jam for the berriness.) Is berriness a word?

Lauren V. said...

I love goat dairy stuff! Goat milk ice cream is my recent obsession, but yesss, goat cheese goes on everything. The Library cafe in Brookhaven serves a sandwich with goat cheese, sprouts, avocado, tomatoes, and roasted bell peppers (which I have them leave off 'cause I'm allergic), and it's craveable.

I've never tried rye bread with sweet toppings! I mean, I heart rye with corned beef or pastrami & a slather of spicy mustard. Now I want to try your apple/goat/walnut/rye sandwich, though.

Berriness is a word NOW!

Summer said...

Greek yogurt with maple syrup. REAL maple syrup. Great for dessert.

And a ditto to the Goat Cheese praise. Delich on anything.

Lauren V. said...

I never thought about putting maple syrup on/in yogurt, but it's one of my very favorite flavors now. And Greek yogurt = win all around.

Now I want yogurt.