Thursday, April 30, 2009

Girl Talk Thursday: 50 Magical Dollars

I'm kind of all about the retail therapy. I'm also incredibly thrifty most of the time, so it's a very conflicting form of therapy. Usually when I'm buying something shiny to distract/reward myself, I wind up buying things like discounted socks from Sock Dreams, which ships free to US addresses, or a silly bar of chocolate from Whole Foods, or some kind of fancy craft beer, or a few weird-looking comics, or one of the t-shirts that I've been coveting.

In general I'm much more willing to spend on comfort foods/drinks than stuff 'cause I'm kinda a packrat and already have a lot of stuff, and also 'cause the chemicals in, say, chocolate or whisky have a more direct effect on my brain than the chemicals in t-shirts. (I HOPE.) But if I had a magic $50, unless I was having such a bad day that receiving magic monies couldn't dissuade me from wanting heaps of chocolate and whisky, I might go splurge on:

This bikini top. (I'd have to shell out nonmagical money for the bottom & shipping, obviously. And actually I really want this one, but sizes is all sold out, boo.) Have never owned a bikini! You heard me. I generally enjoy being not mostly naked in public, but might begin to make exceptions if a) oceans were involved, and b) my boobs had the support they deserve. And, okay, c) I maybe put down the brownies and did a bunch of crunches first.

The Study in Emerald pendant at the bottom of this page. Neil Gaiman + eldritch horror + Black Phoenix = ultimate geek attack. And I have very few pieces of jewelry that make people go "WTF DUDE." I'd like to add to my wtf collection.

This laptop skin, for the Dell Mini 12 I just ordered yesterday. (First laptop ever! Portable Intarwebs! So excited!) I am vaguely aware that I may be outing myself as a 20-something indie chick cliché, but guys, octopi and cake are two of my favorite things. And they could both live on my laptop! Netbook. Whatever the kids on the street are calling them in these, our modern times.

I feel compelled to tell you that my birthday is coming up on May 29th.

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Annette said...

Those laptop skins are waayyy cool.

I dig.

the grammar monkey said...

Maria pointed me at them... she got an owl-related skin from them for her 9" Mini and it's really adorable. Gotta buy "important" things like a laptop mouse & external DVD drive before I can think about silly things like skins, but it's. So. Shiny.

Mommy Melee said...


Also, fuck. Sock dreams has sales?

the grammar monkey said...

^^ They have a clearance section! Certain colors & things that they're liquidating. It is the best and makes me buy too many socks.

Also, hahaha, man now I might need to watch things when they actually air ever. OR I can be on AIM again sometimes! At lunch! From coffee shops! CRAZY.