Monday, August 10, 2009

live apartment fire

Due warning, Atlanta: Doug Richards, formerly of Fox 5 News, recently of Live Apartment Fire Dot Com, and currently of NBC 11Alive, is back on the streets this week. Asking the hard-hitting questions! Finding the real story! Making judicious use of the company ROFLcopter! Dodging "accidental" nutpunches from the peers he's lambasted! Improving his ping-pong game on slow news days?

If you see him out there doing his thang, be nice to him for me, yeah? Don't steal his lunch money or wave at the camera like a maniac in the background of his shot (if you really need to make a spectacle of yourself, flash the Vulcan salute).

And check out LAF -- it's going to be morphing along with Doug's role in the news media, but I'm betting it'll still be the best local evidence that at least a few people in the industry are cognizant, introspective, and possesed of dual senses of humor and responsibility about the whole mass media mess.


Anonymous said...

I would like nothing better than to have hordes of interlopers in the background of a live shot flashing the Vulcan salute. Excellent idea, Lauren. Thanks for the shout-out.

the grammar monkey said...

^__^ Any time (you do awesome and/or noteworthy stuff), kid!