Wednesday, August 5, 2009

last day for Stays Crunchy pre-orders!

Briefly, because other deadlines of my own loom:

Today is the last day EVER to pre-order Stays Crunchy in Milk, which is that book that I edited last year! Y'know, the one that's my first full-novel edity gig to ever be published legitimately and not by a vanity press. (It has an ISBN and everything!) It's also the book that I proofread basically last Friday, which I consider myself a grammatical rockstar for pulling off.

If you watched too many Saturday morning cartoons in the '80s and ALSO have a bit of angst about the kinds of paradigm shifts that brought you into (arguable) adulthood, then you are a person who should consider reading this book. You'd probably dig it.

Pre-orders are rad for you because the author will sign your copy, include an art print from the jacket/interior plate artist, and enter you to win a few prizes. Pre-orders are rad for us because the more we get, the less Adam will cry into his beard as he falls asleep each night.

Preorder choices!

Hey also, I was serious about my prize incentive for finding typos: If you email me about a funny-ha-ha typographical or grammatical error that you find in the book, I will totally buy you an awesome t-shirt. If I agree that it's funny. This is not an excuse for me to not buy anyone t-shirts, it's an excuse for me to judge your sense of humor have a good time poking fun at the fallibility of the writing & editing process. For example, "you left off the E in the word 'the'" is not funny. "Dude there shouldn't've been a comma there" is probably not funny but could be, depending on the exact placement of the errant comma. Writing "mutated pastel" instead of "muted pastel" is hilarious.


Adam P. Knave said...

Oh man. NOW I'm gonna ask for a "tshirts bought" count like, every week, and cry in my beard as I go to sleep.

the grammar monkey said...

I'll put up a little ticker-counter! "T-shirts bought and tears shed into beard"