Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stays Crunchy softcovers off the press!

Brief update: Adam & his publisher worked out the aforementioned printer problems, and the trade paperback run of Stays Crunchy is off the press! Adam's got the pre-order copies, and should be sending them out soon. He also sent me this photo:


The limited hardcover run should follow within the next week, and both should be available on and at select retail locations another week or so after that. You'll know when by the ludicrously high-pitched SQUEEEE noise coming in stereo from the general directions of NYC and Atlanta. Or, in case you're planning on buying earplugs, I'll just post about it.


Adam P. Knave said...

Isn't that nifty? Yeah trade pre-orders go out Sat morning. Hardcovers go out the day after I get the books in.

Amazon is STILL "any minute now."

And jus tthink, they see this, they have't seen then end of the book with even more Your Name.

the grammar monkey said...

I am all over this book like Were' on an impulsive and potentially terrible idea!