Tuesday, September 15, 2009

consumerism wow: collaboration

I recently discovered that fellow Awesomancer Adam P. Knave also has a deep love of coveting t-shirts, so we made a t-shirt post happen together! I gave him a whole big list of shirts I like (guys this is a list that approaches infinity shirts), he wrote about why HE THINKS I like 9 of those shirts, and then I wrote about whether he was right or going-to-the-special-hell wrong. The full entry is over on his blog, Stop Motion Verbosity, but here's a 2-shirt preview:


Adam: You want this shirt because the little guy not only looks like a spinning top but his furless bottom intrigues you in a special way that makes me kinda uncomfortable.

Lauren: Hey, I want nothing to do with furless bottoms! ....Wait. No. Um. Okay, I like furless bottoms. I don't particularly want THIS creature's furless bottom for any kind of nefarious purposes. I just empathize with him. Because I too unravel my pants sometimes. ....Wait. No. I JUST LIKE ANDREW BELL OKAY.


Adam: Do pigeons scare you, Lauren? Did you single out this shirt just to come clean and admit to me this outrageous fear you have? When you were a kid did you go out with bread crumbs in hand and learn the hard way to never stand still and throw bread at pigeons because they will swarm like an unholy fuckrake of Hitchcockian proportions? Is that what happened?

Lauren: I’m actually one of the few people I know who doesn't have some kind of dark, pigeon-related back-story in their past. I think I just really like the phrase "oh no", and had never thought to follow it with "pigeons". But it feels so right!

There are seven other shirty exchanges awaiting you on Adam's blog! Hie thee to the t-shirts!

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