Saturday, September 12, 2009

events: Atlanta Zombie Symposium

Just a quick notice: My friend Laszlo is speaking tomorrow (erm, later today, I guess... Saturday, kids) at the Atlanta Zombie Symposium.


The discussion isn't ticketed but seating is limited, so unless you're planning on some kind of undead apocalypse keeping the crowds away, you should show up at Georgia Tech before it kicks off at 1:00.

Or, if that's early for you for a Saturday and/or you think talking is boring, join in for the flesh-noming double feature at The Plaza (the rockinest theater in town, located in Midtown/Poncey Highlands) at 5:00! OR if really, drinking is more your thing, Graveyard Tavern (an excellent if slightly booze-pricey place for both beer and food in East Atlanta Village) is hosting a Dance of the Undead starting at 10:00.

The discussion is free but the films & Dance cost monies. Check the website for more details! And whatever you do, don't put on all your best zombie makeup and ratty clothes and show up and moan loudly instead of applauding. That would be terrible. The worst thing ever. No one would take any pictures of you.

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